Increase or Decrease Quick settings rows in Notifications Panel ( Samsung Galaxy )

How to edit the Notifications Panel on Samsung Galaxy

If you slide the Notifications Panel down, you will see several quick adjustment buttons to activate or deactivate several settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth, location and Sound. In some Samsung Galaxy devices the number of quick settings can be easily modified.

Notifications Panel

This feature is available on Samsung Galaxy devices includes :

  • Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • Galaxy Tab A with S Pen
  • Galaxy Tab S2 (LTE unlock)
  • Galaxy A3
  • Galaxy A8
  • Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge
  • Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

and other Samsung galaxy phones with Android Nougat and Android O.

To increase or decrease the number of available quick settings, you must display the notifications panel completely (slide from the top of the screen down once). Then tap on the three-point button at the top right and tap “Button Distribution”. In the following screen you can configure the number of buttons: 3 × 3 (three columns by three rows), 4 × 3 and 5 × 3. Those are the only eligible values, but below is how to change to custom values.

Increase or Decrease Quick settings rows in Notifications Panel

In this case we need to use your PC to execute some commands to the device.

To change a number of columns or rows of quick settings you should install ADB tool and correctly configured on the PC. The ADB drivers must also be installed on the computer, USB debugging enabled and the fingerprint enabled. To confirm that everything is correct, with the phone connected to the PC, open the ADB tool and enter with an Enter the following command:

 adb devices 

If a character string appears on the PC screen, then everything is correct and ready to proceed. Enter the following commands to alter the number of columns and rows in the quick settings panel:

To change the number of columns when the phone is vertical (Change X by the desired number, default is 4):

 adb shell settings put secure qs_tile_column X 

To change the number of rows when the phone is vertical (Change Y by the desired number.

 adb shell settings put secure qs_tile_row Y 

To change the number of columns when the phone is horizontal (Change the Z by the desired number, the default is 6).

 adb shell settings put secure qs_tile_column_landscape Z 

The number of rows in landscape mode is 2 and this value can not be changed.

If you enter the value 0 in the number of rows or columns, the user interface will generate error. Enter the value of 2 or greater to fix it.

Recommended setting for quick adjustments

If you want to have more buttons in the quick settings than the original settings, the 5 × 3 layout (5 columns per 3 rows) is the maximum recommended for when the phone is in portrait mode. For horizontal-mode configuration, the maximum optimal number of columns is 8. A larger column or row value is no longer aesthetically or functionally appropriate.

This information has been tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Android Nougat. It should work on other Galaxy with this Android version.

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