May 21, 2017

Category: Tips

How to Check Telkomsel Quota with Easy and Fast Tip 2017

  • by Jake Anderson
  • 2 Hours ago
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Telkomsel is consider as one of the largest providers in Indonesia. you can say it’s reach Sabang to Merauke also cover Nusantara. But some Telkomsel users are still asking how to check Telkomsel’s quota on HP and his smartphone. For that, we made this article to explain to users who are curious to check the quota […]

Use iPhone to monitor your Kids Android Device using Family Link application

Best Free Parental Control App for Android 2017 from Google Last month, Google launched a new Family Link application for Android users fot parents to monitor their childs time and limit their use of the Android devices, the app can be downloaded from the Google Play store, also this application has been landing iOS platform. Family […]

Increase or Decrease Quick settings rows in Notifications Panel ( Samsung Galaxy )

  • by Jake Anderson
  • 2 Months ago
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How to edit the Notifications Panel on Samsung Galaxy If you slide the Notifications Panel down, you will see several quick adjustment buttons to activate or deactivate several settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth, location and Sound. In some Samsung Galaxy devices the number of quick settings can be easily modified. This feature is available on […]

Get Google Assistant on Android with and without Root Access [ How to ]

  • by Jake Anderson
  • 2 Months ago
  • 15
Previously, Google announced it’s personal virtual assistant ( Google Assistant ) at Google I/O 2016, and they made it integrated by default with there Google Pixel Smartphone and in the beginning you can’t get Google Assistant for any android device just for certain types of android smartphones. Google Assistant have a lot and many of features […]

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